We’re currently looking for part-time and freelance writers and researchers to help us submit the best proposals a vendor could ask for, as well as blog copywriters and research analysts.

We’re looking for:

  • Detail-oriented. Business proposals such as RFPs are tedious and specific. Simple mistakes can disqualify our clients, so passing anything to coworker for a last look is invaluable!
  • Communicative. We’re available as often as we can be, so if you have a question, even small, need to let us know if there’s a problem, or if there’s a delay in production, reach out! If a deadline is stressing you out, let us know ASAP, and we’ll figure it out.
  • Writing skills. Submit two or three samples you’re proud of.

Enjoy flex hours and working remotely. Your pets will thank you.

Send resumes to todd@hatchconsultinggroup.com.